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The people in this village don’t have long to live. Each one of these retired adventurers has their own story — and their own theory on how it’s all going to end. 

The Doomed Village is a narrative game with point-and-click adventure elements. You play as the spiritweaver, a traveling spiritual healer and teller of fortunes who arrives in a deserted village for the first time. Your task is to speak with the remaining residents, trade items and help them make their peace with the calamity to come. 

The end is nigh. Make sure they’re ready to leave this world behind.

  • Production
    • Lena Risse
  • Programming
    • Markus / SFL
  • Story
    • Tanya Decarie
  • 2D Art:
    • Liam (Character Design, Sprites and Animation)
    • Robin Rösing (Art Direction and Environment)
    • Jon (Environment)
    • Anna Metta (Visuals and Animation)
    • Lena Risse (HUD Graphics and Environment)
  • Sound Design
    • Mark Brister

Made for the Pixel Game Jam 2022. Built in Unity. The team has participated in game jams before. 

Assets used:



All other assets are original and were made for the game.


The_Doomed_Village.zip 23 MB


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Just wow! Everything was just awesome! My only critique is the lack of music (although that surely added to the atmosphere) and the fact that some of the character colors blended in with the background, for example the astronomer's staff. Other than that, I really liked it!

Thank for the feedback, we added some music in our latest update and we may be working on some more content now that the jam is over so any outside thoughts are great :) 


An good game with a excellent narrative. Congrats, guys.

Thank you for playing and the video! super interesting to see :D


Loved it. Well programmed and cool art!

glad you enjoyed it <3